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Solfeggio Electromagetic Sound Healing (371).

In a message dated 9/11/2007 2:41:53 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, Bclarkgemetria writes:

Ut queant laxis = 18 = 9 = florine = anti-fungal

Resonare fibris = 12 = 3 = lithium = ' mood stabilizer '

Mira gestorum = 15 = 6 = Carbon = absorb toxins

Famuli tuorum = 18 = 9 = florine = anti-fungal

Solve polluti = 12 = 3 = lithium = ' mood stabilizer '

Labii reatum = 15 = 6 = Carbon = absorb toxins

Why promote this type of `healing` work, called "Solfeggio Electromagetic Sound Healing" ? Because the healer cancels out `electromagnetic` radiation.
This is one of the reasons I was given the word :
e l e c t r o m a g n e t i c

Weapons of solar war, are electromagnetic.
So now, I understand how healing cancels out electromagnetic radiation, that harms the human immune system.
The healer, is an instrument of God (IHVH). Healers produce a type of energy called a quantum field that interacts with the DNA and changes a body's cells.

The Science matches the holistic healing codes of : 9 3 6 9 3 6 . . .
Look at what the Solfeggio Musical Healing DNA . . .of these notes, connect to in the atomic numbers :

Each of the three(3) repeated numbers, are confirming why the musical
notes are `healing` notes. The formula of each, have scientific proof to support the medical health of the human body.

The atomic number nine[9], repeats twice in the musical scale.
The 9th atomic number is 'F' : florine

Medical healing wise, this is used to treat `fungus`.
Holistic care belief is, that `fungus`(yeast) in the mouth (baby thrush;mouth ulcers), the stomach/colon, the sexual organs, the feet, are the result of a bad immune system.

So the '9' on the musical scale is telling us to focus on `anti-fungus` options, in our support of our immune system. Certain foods are fungus generators in the human body, and should be avoided.
Also the first note : Ut . . . is (9). And the fourth note:
Fa . . . is the ' F ' atomic number for : fluorine
Ut queant laxis = 18 = 9
Famuli tuorum = 18 = 9

If our body is PH balanced with the 1/2 Acid and 1/2 Alkaline, we
stay healthy.
If we use a urine test strip that diabetics use, we can determine
daily, if our food that day should be more acid or alkaline options.
Cancer forms under extreme levels, of over active `acid` in our body.
Food wisdom, is through the information that which vibrates to
Ut and Fa.

The atomic number 3, is lithium. ( the three(3) repeats twice in the notes )
Resonare fibris = 12 = 3
Solve polluti = 12 = 3

With bipolar disorder and antidepressant drugs created from atomic
number 3, Lithium, it is clear why our musical healing note of the human
body, would be a Healing ' mood stabilizer '. The world is very much
experiencing depression. The drugs (RX) related to Lithium, are teaching us, lessons that vibrate to Re and Sol. ( holistic option, could replace negative RX usage/abuse )

The atomic number 6, is carbon. ( the number six(6) repeats twice in these musical notes )
Mira gestorum = 15 = 6
Labii reatum = 15 = 6

Carbon absorbs toxins, in the human body and plant kingdom.
I use carbon in the bottom of my African violets, to absorb fungus and
Carbon capsules, remove poisons and help the digestive system. The health of the stomach and colon are balanced with carbon. (Digestive disorders)
Of course, carbon is teaching us about the lessons vibrating to Mi and La. ( Mi and La, as the musical notes for balance within `The Digestive/Excretory Systems` )

Now I know, why the musical notes repeat 936936 :( Prayer is 9. Energy is 99.The System is 3. Truth is 33. MOTIVATION is 6.Wealth is 66. ), and I have been shown with the help of `atomic numbers` in science, the categories (anti-fungal/mood stabilizer/absorb toxins); . . .

`The System` is : Solfeggio Electromagetic Sound Healing (371).

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