Monday, June 30, 2008

`D O T`

If any one has information relating to scripture and the ' DOT ' ( period ) . . .
I am gathering these facts. Thanks for your help :

This morning, upon rising from bed, I was shown the `apple fruit` is
linked to establishing the `Creation` proof, versus evolution theory:
Natural Vibration Frequencies (hz) Of Apple Fruit, (equation of 'Creation Theory of Mankind`)

And the next item presented to me, was the ' D O T ', of the meaning
of the phrase, " Disciples of Tagin ". ( tagin = crown )

Post #9
`the Name Change`, Dream

These are the references I found to `D O T` :

Dot: a sacred symbol of the universe in its unmanifested form.

The Period is the simplest punctuation mark. It is simply used to mark the end of a complete sentence that is neither interrogative nor exclamatory.

The symbol for singularity is a single dot or one-dimensional point.

The punctuation mark (.) period, the dot.

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