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Apple versus Solfeggio (Hz)

Jun 26 2008, 10:12 AM
Natural Vibration Frequencies (hz) Of Apple Fruit, (equation of 'Creation Theory of Mankind`)

Title :
Natural Vibration Frequencies (Hz) of Apple Fruit, (equation
of `Creation Theory of Mankind`)

by: Betty C. Clark

Whether the `Garden of Eden` fruit of temptation, was either apple
or another family member of the apple ( Apples (Malus × domestica Borkh. also known as M. pumila) are members of the Rosaceae family, sub family pomoideae, which includes crop species such as pear, rose and quince )

. . . the interesting studies in science, reveal the confirmation of the
Creation Theory of God (IHVH) through the revelation of : APPLE

Let me know, if you find other `apple` research, which includes the
`Creation of the Universe`, as under divine pattern representations
of the apple fruit.

As you read below, global gene studies are very available on-line,
of the apple.

You may elect to scroll pass the global gene studies about
the apple fruit, to examine the formula I am presenting.
Global gene expression analysis of apple fruit development from the floral bud to ripe fruit


Apple fruit develop over a period of 150 days from anthesis to fully ripe. An array representing approximately 13000 genes (15726 oligonucleotides of 45–55 bases) designed from apple ESTs has been used to study gene expression over eight time points during fruit development. This analysis of gene expression lays the groundwork for a molecular understanding of fruit growth and development in apple.

The data presented here provide a picture of the molecular events occurring throughout the development of the apple fruit and provide a resource for future study of fruit development. We have identified genes that are likely to be important in some of the major processes. Comparison of the apple data with other fruiting plants identified 16 genes that may play fundamental roles in fruit development.

Apples (Malus × domestica Borkh. also known as M. pumila) are members of the Rosaceae family, sub family pomoideae, which includes crop species such as pear, rose and quince. Members of the pomoideae have a fruit that consists of two distinct parts: an expanded ovary corresponding to the "core" which is homologous to the tomato fruit; and the cortex or edible portion of the fruit which is derived from the fused base of stamens, petals and sepals [1,16], which expands to surround the ovary. Fruit develop over a period of 150 days from pollination to full tree ripeness with a simple sigmoidal growth curve [17,18]. Physiological studies of apple fruit development have focused on measures of ripeness such as colour changes and breakdown of starch to form the palatable sugars. From such studies, it has been shown that floral buds contain a small amount of starch that is metabolized quickly after pollination. Starch levels then build up in fruit coordinate with cell expansion. At about 100 days after pollination starch levels begin to decline again and fruit sugars increase, until the fruit are fully ripe [19]. Like tomato, apple undergoes an ethylene-dependent ripening stage [20,21] and transgenic apples with reduced ethylene production fail to produce skin colour changes and appear to lack production of volatile compounds typically associated with apples [22].
Dynamic verification
We also verified the model based on vibration of the apple. The apple was vibrated at frequencies from 300 to 2500 Hz. The apple had natural vibrations at 340, 710, 890, and 1860 Hz. The apple model was loaded as shown in Figure 10 and resonance frequencies calculated up to 2500 Hz. Figure 12 shows results of the dynamic verification. The wireframe of the apple model shows how the apple vibrated at 890 Hz. The curve on the graph is the computer's prediction of the apple's response at various frequencies. The four vertical bars are the natural frequencies observed when vibrating the apple. The model predicted the three observed natural frequencies but predicted a fourth natural frequency which was not observed. The dynamic response is important in the design of sensors which measure resonant frequency.

( formula I created is based on the NATURAL vibrations of the apple )

As you read above, from the `apple` vibration of frequencies from starting number 300 - 2500 Hz. . . .

. . . Which compares the starting pattern number of the Solfeggio musical scale of 396 Hz.

This thesis, suggest the apple fruit does indeed co-exist within the vibration range of frequencies of the DNA research, concluded by Puleo. ( see below )

This `Hz` research, compares the `apple fruit` vibration frequencies, to the `Solfeggio` musical scale frequencies :

( as you review the comparison's below, of the Hz patterns, @890 Hz the
apple ranges 38 Hz higher, than the Solfeggio, 852 Hz )

Why the difference of 38 Hz ?

Answer :
I recently researched the numerical 38, under Grace Manifest Holograph. Since the numerical 38 was presented to me, in the date: 06-22-2008 = 38
( this date is linked to this dream ):

Dream/message: 8888+cross/tau+8 Octave, +Sovereignty of God(IHVH)
The Number 38 is essential to understanding the Grace Manifest Holograph. It relates to Christ's Glory, His Sufferings, Wounds, and Gologotha through the meaning of the Number 19 and the Nineteenth Letter Quph. (Grace Manifest Holograph)


Continue . . .

Natural Vibration Frequencies (Hz) of Apple Fruit, (equation
of `Creation Theory of Mankind`) :

The apple had natural vibrations at 340, 710, 890, and 1860 Hz. ( total Hz of apple = 3800 )


Solfeggio starts @396 Hz, apple @340 Hz

Solfeggio @741 Hz, apple @710 Hz

Solfeggio @852 Hz, apple @890 Hz

See how the pattern of vibration frequencies (Hz) are similar in numerics ?

~When you add up all the Solfeggio Hz's = 3573 ( chart below )

~Adding up all the apple Hz's = 3800 ( see article above ^ )

difference = 227 ( Male, Man )

The vibration frequency difference between the Solfeggio musical
scale and the scientific vibration frequency of the apple fruit = 227 Hz

Meaning the apple fruit vibrates an additional 227 Hz, than the musical

( formula I created is based on the NATURAL vibrations of the apple )

The 227 represents under `Strong's number` :
male, man, child, mankind, him, male ( includes humans and animals )

You may want to explore, how the 227 Hz is a continuance pattern
of the seven day creation theme. As you read below, the 227 includes
'Thy Light' and the word's birthright, firstborn . . . etc.

Thank you for reviewing these thoughts of mine. Commentary is
welcomed !


זכר zakar {zaw-kawr'} from 02142; TWOT - 551e AV - male 67, man 7, child 4, mankind 2, him 1; 81 n m 1) male (of humans and animals) adj 2) male (of humans)


Gematria: 227


227 + Birthright, Firstborn + Blessing + Memorial + Male, Man + Thy Light

[GR] > The Number 227 - Birthright, Blessing, Memorial
And he said, Is not he rightly named Jacob? for he hath supplanted me these two times: he took away my birthright; and, behold, now he hath taken away my blessing. And he said, Hast thou not reserved a blessing for me?

Genesis 27

The Blessing belonging to the firstborn is called the Birthright. The deep integration of these words and ideas manifests in their being anagrams of each other, and their appearance together in the single verse of Scripture above.

Click here: Science and the Scriptures

It is now believed that the frequencies found by Puleo have healing properties. The frequency of 528 Hz supposedly has healing effects on DNA. The frequency seems to influence the water molecules that surround the DNA helix.
The frequencies found are 396 Hz, 417 Hz, 528 Hz, 639 Hz, 741 Hz, and 852 Hz. These frequencies are the frequencies of the old Solfeggio scale. It was used in Gregorian and Sanskrit chants. The syllables used to denote the tones of this scale are:
Ut-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La, they are taken from the medieval song Ut Quent Laxis, a Gregorian chant written for John the Baptist.

Ut queant laxis = 396 = 18 = 9
Resonare fibris = 417 = 12 = 3
Mira gestorum = 528 = 15 = 6
Famuli tuorum = 639 = 18 = 9
Solve polluti = 741 = 12 = 3
Labii reatum = 852 = 15 = 6
9 + 3 + 6 + 9 + 3 + 6 = 36 ( thirty-six )

Sancte Iohannes
Translation: In order that the slaves might resonate (resound) the miracles (wonders) of your creations with loosened (expanded) vocal chords. Wash the guilt from (our) polluted lips Saint John.

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