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New Human Gene Map

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Fri Nov 24, 2006 5:50 pm
"Betty Clark"
: New Human Gene Map Shows Surprising Differences - AOL News

New Human Gene Map:

They said their new version of the human genetic map, or "book of life," fills in many missing pages and chapters to explain how genes are involved in common diseases.

The Human Genome Project mapped the billions of letters that make up
the human genetic code.

He said that resistance to infection by HIV, the virus that causes
AIDS, is determined in part by multiple copies of the gene CCL3L1,
which cannot be seen on an SNP map.

[ Interesting . . .[comments via Bclark] . . . DNA = ATGC
A = 1 + T = 9 + G = 3 + C = 3 = 16 [sixteen] = 1+6 = 7 [seven]

Gene CCL3L1 [ contains the components of :
C = 3 + C = 3 + L = 30 + 3 = C;G + L = 30 + 1 = A ] =
70 [ seventy]

This gene resistance to infection by HIV, has all
the numerical duplicated numbers of DNA, without
the alphabet ~ T ~[9 = Teth].

So in numerical understanding the Gene CCL3L1
is a universal message under : 70 [seventy] = Ayin

This Gene CCL3L1 is in truth " a physical vision [ which cannot be
seen on an SNP map ], color spectrum [ DNA ladder], a fountain [ of
knowledge ] "
[ All this ^ . . . is what Ayin teaches mankind]


Physical vision; Color spectrum; A fountain.
Seventy archetypal nations and languages; Seventy oxen sacrificed
on Sukkot

What is ' The Holy DNA ' ?

********THE HOLY DNA********

The Holy DNA of Jesus Christ is the MARK or SEAL on the soul.

At the time when God blew into the nostrils of Adam, He transferred into man His Holy DNA! The breath of life carries the Holy DNA.

The Holy DNA is hidden within the double helix of our own DNA. The Holy DNA responds to SOUND or pitch.

Every person is a note, speech, vibration, sound. Our own DNA makes a certain sound or vibration.

At the LAST TRUMP, the hidden Holy DNA will respond/waken to the sound of the trump and become active and alive in resurrection and change. The appearing of the Holy DNA will happen IN US first and manifest outward!

As the Holy DNA lies hidden within us, the earth is the hidden "Holy DNA" of the Universe! The earth lies hidden in the midst of billions of galaxies. When the change occurs in the earth as in our own bodies, the universe will be altered as well!

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Anonymous said...

Crown 7 ,May I quote,
All I want to know are Gods thoughts; all the rest are details.
Albert Einstein

Hence, floating in space while beholding the multi-colored spinning of secrets.
How blessed you are to see, Perhaps only in the grasp of God alone would such peace be known without which would be impossible and Kings scarcely have ever pondered. Is this a human projection manifest of one of Gods thoughts. All else is detail.
Far Far to deep for me today. Patrick